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Rivista Scientifica Internazionale dell’Università di Verona

Managing Editor / Responsabile editoriale – Giuseppe Cirillo
Chief Director / Direttore responsabile – Silvia Beltrami
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ISSN: 2280-1901 – TWorld (Vr) [Online]_
 Journal selected for the purpose of the national scientific authorization
Rivista selezionata ai fini dell’Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale

Resolution  ANVUR Nr 17 dated 20/02/2013

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TransmitWorld is the international scientific journal of Transports, Integrated Logistics, Infrastructures, Mobility, Telecommunications, Energy, Tourism. It is an environment laboratory of the University of Verona as well. The journal offers researches, applications and contributions with a unified approach to highest operative research, in order to enhance the Journal in the national and international scientific community.
Transmitworld invites scholars and practitioners to submit articles on the theme of transportation and logistics planning. For more info see the next call for papers.

    Summary TW Volume 6 Issue 1.2017

    Summary TW Volume 5 Issue 2.2016

    Summary TW Volume 5 Issue 1.2016

    Editorial/Editoriale TW 5 2016

    Economic Sciences Section / Sezione di Scienze Economiche

Simulation tools to support municipal planning  -Arnaldo Vecchietti-

    Section of Russian Academy of Sciences / Sezione dell’Accademia Russa delle Scienze

    Section of the Sciences of Land and Applications/Sezione Scienze del Territorio e Applications

Beyond the fossil fuel: energy efficiency (in urban planning and in architecture)  -Claudio Magagna-

Railway intercontinental services  -Giovanni Saccà-

    Enterprise’s Sciences Section / Sezione Scienze dell’Impresa

Osservations regarding the project of stable crossing of the Strait of Messina and its road and rail connections on the Calabria and Sicily slopes Giovanni Saccà-

Transportation, infrastructure, logistics and economic growth. Profiles of International Economics  -Giovanni Saccà-

    Applied Sciences Publications-Monographs and Academic Analysis


EUROMODAL 2015 -Indian Rail Ways- 18/06/2015- Universidad de Alcalá – Rectorado.


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The topics covered in the scientific-disciplinary publications must meet the criteria  ANVUR area CUN / 13 GEV.

Gli argomenti scientifico-disciplinari trattati nelle pubblicazioni devono rispondere ai soli criteri ANVUR di area CUN/GEV 13


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