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Volume 6 Issue 1 May 2017

6.1.1 May 2017 Osservations regarding the project of stable crossing of the Strait of Messina and its road and rail connections on the Calabria and Sicily slopes -Giovanni Saccà-

Volume 5 Issue 2 May 2016

5.2.1 May 2016 Beyond the fossil fuel: energy efficiency (in urban planning and in architecture) Claudio Magagna

Volume 5 Issue 1 February 2016

5.1.3 February 2016 Simulation tools to support municipal planning Arnaldo Vecchietti

5.1.2 February 2016 Railway intercontinental services Giovanni Saccà

5.1.1 February 2016 Trasportation, infrastructure, logistics and  economic growth. Profiles of International Economics Giovanni Saccà

Volume 4 Issue 2 July 2015

4.2.4 July 2015 Completion of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor (ScanMed) and extension of rail services  AV/AC Calabria and Sicily -Giovanni Saccà-

4.2.3 July 2015 Cities as engines for development, innovation, sustainable development and the crea ion of economic resources -Arnaldo Vecchietti-

4.2.2 July 2015 Transfer of goods between the companies located in different countries and combinations thereof represented by using the vector lines -Donato Benedini-

4.2.1 July 2015   The System Dynamics Simulation to contrast obesity and epidemic phenomena with municipal plans and programmes -Arnaldo Vecchietti-

Volume 4 Issue 1 February 2015

4.1.4 February 2015  Agent-based modelling for public policies assessment at territorial level:the experience of a European project-Vecchietti Arnaldo-

4.1.3 February 2015 Gioia Tauro, from transhipment port-to-port gateway: activation of  ‘ERTMS’ freight corridors and evolution of multimodal traffic in Italy -Saccà Giovanni-

4.1.2 February 2015 State of the art of cooperative Intelligent Transport System (ITS)- Deployment in Verona –Vecchietti Arnaldo, Pezzuto Bruno, Alcaraz Gonzalo-

 4.1.1 February 2015  The regions should enable the regional administration offices for cycling mobility.The study on the example of the University of Verona, which trains the  “Cycling Promoters” -Passigato Marco-

Volume 3 Issue 1 March 2014

3.1.5 March 2014  Models and markets for passenger transport of medium and long distance (official methodology of marketing management of transport) -Moreno Ferrarese



3.1.4 March 2014  Mathematical multi-criteria dynamical model of resource allocation between producersMalafeyev O.A., Badin G.M., Krigina A.G.-

3.1.3 March 2014  Time out in global warming  -Claudio Magagna-

3.1.2 March 2014   The transportation of goods and the development of logistics infrastructure  -Giovanni Saccà-

3.1.1 March 2014   The competition between territories  -Silvano Stellini-

Volume 2 Issue 2 September 2013

2.2.8 September 2013  Sistemi dinamici lineari e non lineari di analisi e gestione del traffico autostradale, a definizione dei parametri di conto per la previsione, a breve termine, di una gestione economica virtuosa delle tratte autostradali -Moreno Ferrarese-

2.2.7 September 2013 Proposal for the presentation of a European project for the study and implementation of a new information system in real-time used by all European travelers though deaf and dumb -Giovanni Saccà-

2.2.6 September 2013 Proposal for the study and implementation of a new information system for European travelers -Giovanni Saccà-

2.2.5 September 2013 Mathematic modeling of bank’s and bank systems’activity -Malafeev Oleg A., Salimov Vadim A.-

2.2.4 September 2013 A dynamic-based methodology to obtain the rolling stock maximum construction gauge -Julio Álvarez Rodríguez-

2.2.3 September 2013 Technical Diagnosis, Monitoring and Logistcs of Building of the Prefabricated Modular Building -Franc-Michael Adam , Gennady M. Badin-

2.2.2 September 2013 The five squares hanging on the Lagoon of Venice -Mor Temor-

2.2.1 September 2013 Lights and shadows on the Strategy for Rail Competition –  Jean-Pierre Estival-

Volume 2 Issue 1 March 2013

2.1.5 March 2013 Adaptation of systems and means of transportation for the needs of the development of the international market    -Giovanni Saccà-

2.1.4 March 2013 Energy-Economic House:Energy-efficient construction tecnologies -Gennady Badin, Sergey Sychev, Natalja Pavlova-

2.1.3 March 2013 The gold “blue”: the new energy era? Here comes the gas, oil does not lose altitude (at least for now), increases the production and consumption of coal“blu”: the new energy era? – Claudio Magagna –

2.1.2 March 2013 The promotion of cycling  -Marco Passigato-

2.1.1 March 2013 ABS E ESC: The asymmetric paternalism for road safety -Chantal Bonetti-

Volume 1 Issue 2 September 2012

1.2.6 September 2012 Un nuovo algoritmo Logit Multidimensionale in ambiente Conjoint Analysis Incomplete Profile utilizzabile nella sosta urbana -Moreno Ferrarese-

1.2.5 September 2012 Analisi delle relazioni d’incidentalità sulle autostrade A 4 e A 31 -Moreno Ferrarese-

1.2.4 September 2012 The role of “Exchange “Saint-Petersburg” in regulation of FOREX market in Russia Vladislav Katyshev –

1.2.3 September 2012 Resources for Local Public Transport imprisoned in a vision exceeded Watershed -Guido Zanderigo-

1.2.2 September 2012 The Romansfathers of roads -Silvia Beltrami-

1.2.1 September 2012 The ultraliberalisme of the EU Comission facing the economic realism: the case of the European railway industry -Jean-Pierre Estival-

Volume 1 Issue 1 April 2012

1.1.9 April 2012 Thermography for the energy recovery -Carlo di Pillo-

1.1.8 April 2012 Lo studio della sosta urbana attraverso l’utilizzo di modelli di scelta logit-multinomiale in ambiente entropico   -Moreno Ferrarese-

1.1.7 April 2012 The European Corridors in Italy for the freight transport in containers     -Giovanni Saccà-

1.1.6 April 2012 Un approccio epistemologico all’annoso problema delle infrastrutture dei trasporti   -Moreno Ferrarese-

1.1.5 April 2012 Eco-house Energy-saving technologies of the insulation of the exterior walls with the basalt-fiber-concrete  -Gennady Badin, S. Sedip-

1.1.4 April 2012 Competitive many-period postman problem  -Oleg Malafeyev , Olga Volodkina , Anna Soldatkina –

1.1.3 April 2012 E-learning assessment reality in higher educational institutions  -Natalia Kushcheva-

1.1.2 April 2012 Method of simulation of the transport processMoreno Ferrarese, Gennady Badin, Andrej Lyamkin-

1.1.1 April 2012 The alphabet of climate change  -Claudio Magagna-

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