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Author Guidlines


Contributors to the journal are required to comply with editorial guidelines, as specified below.

Submission of contributions:
Contributions should be sent in electronic format to the Editorial Board of TransmitWorld with indication of phone number and e-mail address. The authors are requested to keep a copy of their text. The editors retain the original in its archive.
To enable the journal pagination of the articles that have passed the peer review process, the materials submitted must comply with the instructions below.

Formatting of the original documents

The contents of the folder “cover”
Folder text: Word file
Introduction: a brief summary of the topics covered in the text, the reasons for the publication, the article presentation – max 500 characters including the spaces between the words – which highlights the problems discussed, the methodologies and conclusions.

Author: name, full affiliation of the authors (Department, University, Laboratory, etc..),  at least one e-mail address and if available the website reference (of the department or of the staff). In case of the multiple authors the affiliations and references should be differentiated.

Curriculum: the extract of the curriculum of the author limited to the most significant experiences in the professional field should not exceed 500 characters including spaces between one word and another.

The article structure:
– title
– author
– abstract
– text
– bibliografic references
– iconographic apparatus
Each of these joints must be properly entitled. The iconographic may be composed of figures, tables and graphics. All images, tables and charts must contain the title and the caption; for each image used in the article and not made ​​by the author, it is necessary to indicate the source and any authorizations received for their use.

The text must be composed of at least 20,000 characters (including spaces) and maximum 40,000 characters (including spaces). The references should be also included in the text, for example: (Author 2005). For the drafting of the text we reccomend to use a sheet of Word with the following settings, so that a complete folder contains the same number of beats of the paginated pages:
Word Document
Font: Arial
Points: 12
Line spacing: single
Alignment: justified
Margins: top – 3 cm, bottom – 3 cm, right – 2.5 cm, left – 2.5 cm

The bibliographical references should always be completed with the following information, in the following order:
author’s last name and first name initial,
title of the work (in italics),
place and date of issue ,
the number of volumes that makes up the work,
the pages to which it refers.
For example, Billanovich G., From the Middle Ages to humanism, CUSL, 2001 Milan
Braudel F., L’identité de la Francee, Flammarion, Paris 1986, 3 vols .
Mantovani S. (a c. di), La ricerca sul campo in educazione, Edizioni Scolastiche Bruno Mondadori, Milano 1995.
For works in a foreign language, wherever it is possible it should be provided the the original title completed with all the bibliographic references, possibly followed by an indication of the Italian translation of the book. For the books mentioned in its original edition the place of issue or any other information are never to be translated.
For example, Lovejoy A.O., The great chain of being, Harvard University Press, Cambridge 1936, trad. it. La grande catena dell’essere, Feltrinelli, Milano 1981.                                                                                                                    When there are more than three authors not all are reported, but only the first, followed by “et al.”. In the case of group work, it shows the name of the editor, followed by “edited by” or “and” etc. in brackets. If it is not indicated the author only the title must be given.
The bibliography of articles from magazines or newspapers should always be completed with the following information, in order:
author’s last name and first name initial,
article’s title (in italics),
in the “name of the publication»,
for example, Jacoviello A., A Mosca sognano le calze di seta, in «La Repubblica», 5 maggio 1987.

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