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TransmitWorld is the international scientific journal edited by the University of Verona and prepared by the its former research center Transmit, working in the field of Mobility, Infrastructure and Transport. Through the collection and publication of the authoritative documents, the results of research of the professionals and academics from around the world, the magazine offers the unique items, in their  quality and value, of the analysis and depth of the study covered subjects. Aware of the importance of diffusion of high scientific knowledge, TransmitWorld forms the link between the scientific community, public and private authorities, the experts and citizens in the area of national and international interest, publishing the articles in Italian, English and Russian. In addition, the collaboration with the most prestigious Russian state universities is a fundamental new element in the dissemination and exchange of scientific knowledge between markets.

TransmitWorld disseminates the knowledge and the contributes to the development of innovative solutions for the problems related to transport and logistics. The journal acts with the aim to create an international unitary system accessible to everyone, by which one might feed on the research and the awareness of the importance of this for the development of new economic and social policies. The future of science is the result of the effectiveness of the consolidation of the global scientific community, in which the weight of the developing economies becomes increasingly important. This journal is intended to provide the means by which the various communities can meet and pursue a common goal: the progress of humanity.

TransmitWorld deals with all matters relating to the field of Mobility, Infrastructure and Transport, through economic and engineering considerations, and, it explores them with originality and skill. The authors of published articles are established professionals and academics, key actors in a position to guarantee the certainty of the faced scientific disciplines.

The articles unitarily collected on a half-year basis in individual editions are published free online for a simple and direct use of the service. In this way the following benefits are guaranteed for the users: immediacy of availability for the articles reading; the diffusion unlimited and it is available wherever the user has access to a network the Internet, the possibility of access to information through the use of hyperlinks, the computer storage and unlimited documents easily searchable, the flexibility and adaptability of the magazine to the needs of the users.

The magazine, registered at the Registry of the Court of Verona with the number 2671/2011 as the scientific periodical journal online, is refereed at international level (anonymous) and divided into four sections differed in their approach to the subject but complementary to interest unit : Economic Sciences Section – this section contains studies, research and insights in the form of scholarly articles concerning the world transport, examined according to the arguments and analyzes relating to economics. It implies the involvement of economists, government agencies engaged in the formation of economic and social policies, private entities operating in the field of transport. The Section of the Sciences of Land and Applications contains the articles written by leading academics and practitioners of the engineering of economic urban and rural regional systems (class. JEL-R4 Transportation System-Economics Urban Rural and Regional Economics), in reference to the transportation planning, land and infrastructure. The Enterprise’s Sciences Section is addresssed to a public highly specialized in business management through the introduction of new products and innovations in science and projects. The authors of these documents are academic and research centers, public bodies, who want to show their support for high-level scientific and social development. Section of Russian Academy of Sciences offers the possibility of diffusion of the knowledge of the most prestigious Russian academic persons, publishing articles in Russian and English, also thanks to the international agreements, the co-operation reached through Transmit, between the University of Verona and the state universities of St. Petersburg (University of Transport, University of Engineering and Economics, University of Economics and Finance, University of Telecommunications). The purpose of this section is to develop the lasting collaboration and confrontation between the realities belonging to the different scientific communities, but united in love for the knowledge. APPS PUBLICATIONS (The Applied Sciences Publications – academic analysis and monographs series – is intended for research monographs, for refereed conference proceedings, methodological research articles and for similar open collections, released in the manner of a journal article) contains economic monographs, Academic Analysis as academic lectures of a high methodological and research (at the evergreen border) value in the form of articles and Young Proposals that is dedicated to PhD candidates.

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The topics covered in the scientific-disciplinary publications must meet the criteria  ANVUR area CUN / 13 GEV.   

Gli argomenti scientifico-disciplinari trattati nelle pubblicazioni devono rispondere ai soli criteri ANVUR di area CUN/GEV 13