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2.2.8 September 2013

Sistemi dinamici lineari e non lineari di analisi e gestione del traffico autostradale, a definizione dei parametri di conto per la previsione, a breve termine, di una gestione economica virtuosa delle tratte autostradali

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Linear and nonlinear dynamic systems analysis and management of highway traffic, a definition of the parameters into account for prediction, in the short term, of the economic management of the virtuous motorways.  -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The precise and reliable assignment of parameters of economic scenery, aimed at planning of motorway traffic, can not be separated from the analysis of the parameters of highway safety as conflicting elements in the decision-making capacity management in crisis conditions. We present a new method for the economic balance of the motorway infrastructure in the short term.

Keywords: road safety-loss account-highway management model

1.2.6 September 2012

Un nuovo algoritmo Logit Multidimensionale in ambiente Conjoint Analysis Incomplete Profile utilizzabile nella sosta urbana

-Moreno Ferrarese-
[ A new algorithm Logit Multidimensional in the environment of Conjoint Analysis in Incomplete Profile usable in urban parking.  -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

A multi-attribute CAIP compositional model for the analysis of the demand for parking, to be adopted together with the multi-dimensional Logit model in an entropic environment in a new formulation, appears to be a reliable method for precise assignment of the scenario parameters aimed at the design and planning of the parking in the urban area, in a correct view of project financing.

Keywords: parking-logit-dimensional conjoint analysis-project financing

1.2.5 September 2012

 Analisi delle relazioni d’incidentalità sulle autostrade A 4 e A 31

-Moreno Ferrarese-
[ Analysis of the report of accidents on the motorways A4 and A31. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

This article on the parameters of highway safety answers the following questions: if there is a relationship between the traffic or traffic density and the accident rates; if there is a relationship between the traffic and injuries or deaths on the motorways A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Vicenza-Piovene Rocchette; if  there is a relationship between the fixed and the mobile construction sites and the accidents in A4 and A31; if there is a relationship between the nationality of the vehicles involved in the accidents and the injury and mortality on the motorways A4 and A31.

Keywords: highway safety, traffic density, accident rates

1.1.8 April 2012

Lo studio della sosta urbana attraverso l’utilizzo di modelli di scelta logit-multinomiale in ambiente entropico  

-Moreno Ferrarese-
[ Entropy-logit model for the urban parking demand. –Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The actual acquisition of renewed opportunities for the urban communities is given by the selection of public projects that more than others can actually be carried out, including measures and mechanisms necessary for the interaction of the actors in the financing of the projects. The use of logit models by the designer, lets bring back the initiative in the scientific research environment and design targets to the territory, with particular reference to the phenomena of congestive traffic and urban parking.

Keywords: parking-logit-feasibility-entropy

1.1.2 April 2012

To the question of the transportation tecnological flows. The methods of simulation of the transport process

– Badin Gennady (Russia), Lyamkin Andrej (Russia), Ferrarese Moreno (Italy) –

To study such a complex system as the transport process in the production scheme, it is required an efficient combination of the probabilistic modeling with the contingency management. It creates the  new opportunities to study the behavior of the system under the different conditions. In each phase, the transport process is described throw the situational and imitation simulations. The first is an aggregate of the managed machines, which, depending on specific situations, develop the control solutions for exposure on the second model. The second model / imitation / mimics the events occurring in each phase of the transport process. During delivery of the materials, products and designs for different projects on the production site, the various versions of situations (states) are emerging.  In this article the regularities of the transportation tecnological processes are considered. A mathematical model of the traffic  flows management, establishing the dependence of cost and effectiveness of the management control of the number of (initial) information in the performance of a given volume of transportation in the specific terms of construction, is proposed by the authors.

Keywords: mathematical model – traffic flows management – transport process simulation

1.0.16 March 2012

La realizzazione di un centro polisportivo e natatorio nella località di Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella – Analisi territoriale con un modello di scelta discreta

 – Moreno Ferrarese –


La richiesta di impiego del tempo libero sembra essere la qualità dominante di una società occidentale orientata alla cultura edonistica. Con questo lavoro si vuole mettere in risalto una metodologia per la quantificazione del “tasso di sportività” di una popolazione determinante per l’avvio di una progettazione infrastrutturale e finalizzata al leisure territoriale bilanciato al corretoo sviluppo del compound logistico e trasportistico afferente.

Keywords: milieu – indagini multiscopo – sviluppo territoriale

1.0.15 March 2012

La Tariffa del Servizio Idrico Integrato dell’Ambito Territoriale Ottimale Veneto Orientale

 – Moreno Ferrarese –
[ The Tariff of the Integrated Water Service with the optimal Territorial authority of Eastern Veneto. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The charging system of the industrial discharges has remained essentially the original one, but, again in 1981, it was decided to entrust the task to the regions to determine the maximum and minimum of the individual tariffs for different categories of users.
The measures of financial laws that introduced the obligation of the costs’ covering have substantially induced to calculate the rate based not so much on the imbalance and revenues as on the total cost.
Consequence of this, the base rate is calculated by the average cost per cubic meter of water sold. It is a tariff system that allows the operator to recover all costs (as joint as fixed or variable), in the form of the average unitary cost / average total cost, what is typical of public management.

Keywords: territorial development – integrated water service – tariff adjustment

1.0.14 March 2012

Banca dati nazionale di servizio del territorio e all’impresa

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ National services’ database of the territory and for the enterprise. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

From the territories comes the awareness that at the end of the settlement of new businesses, it is necessary to conceive and create an enterprise’s database that would allow the decision makers to put in place the best  local policies aimed to the production, employment and transport and  logistics. The purpose of this database is to analyze the socio-economic situation of the individual Italian provinces and to calculate some summary indicators, that can summarize this situation, using the attractiveness factors in order to identify the potential competitive advantage of the various provinces and the correspondence with the reality economic.

Keywords: enterprise’s database –  exploratory project analysis – territorial policies

1.0.13 March 2012

Gestione delle reti di vendita. Monitoraggio delle tendenze. Comunicazione persuasiva aziendale.

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Sales networks management, monitoring of trends and company’s perseusive communication. -Moreno Ferrarese-]

The monograph considers the changing role of enterprise’s marketing and with the methodological approach analyzes the new media business. With the numerous illustrative cards it is explained how the enterprise market-oriented invests human and financial resources in order to collect information on the expectations and behavior of the main players on the market. It is shown that such information is then used to draw up the action plans geared to the needs of the market, which are then implemented at all levels of the organization. The new philosophy Customer Relationship Management is regarded as an integrated strategy of sales, marketing and service support that precludes individual action and rather depends on coordinated actions.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management – Media Business – Market-oriented enterprise

1.0.12 March 2012

“La vita oltre lo stress”? Stress, stress lavorativo e oltre.

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ “Over the life stress”? Work stress and over. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The methodological monograph analyzes the anatomy of stress and related diseases. It is proposed the survival structure composed of different stratagems. The numerous explanatory cards discover the techniques of negotiation and meditation to manage stress and demonstrate the different modes of communication and techniques to build a persuasive communication.

Keywords: survival stratagems – persuasive communication – stress lavorativo

 1.0.11 March 2012

Metodi e tecniche di analisi della domanda

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Methods and techniques of demand analysis. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The presented manual contains the examples of methods of the complex analysis in project evaluation. The approaches to traffic forecasts are analyzed and the evaluation of the transport demand  is developed by using the qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The models for mobility are described. It s demonstrated the implementation of the models through the analysis of the variables and indicators. The benefit-cost analysis in transportation from the point of view of the demand is presented as an exercise.

Keywords: traffic forecast – models for mobility – demand analysis

1.0.10 March 2012

Informatore agrario. Processo prototypo Data Mining.

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[Agrarian Informer. Prototype Data Mining Process. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

This report is aimed at the presentation of the data mining process of data made on a set of sample data extracted from the database of the company di Edizioni Informatore Agrario srl, in order to highlight the information potential of the data in relation to the corporate portfolio constituted by the customersubscriber. The development of management information system, which has improved the efficiency of production and editorial management of the business relationship with the customer, has enabled the creation of an important database. The awareness of having a lot of data” and the need for more information to grow the relationship with the customer has motivated the company to initiate a process of “data mining” or “dig into the data” to extract from the same information the other one compared the motivation  for which they are created, and then, as said, for operational (administrative and commercial), and publishing (production).

Keywords: editing imputation – data base prospect – castomer relationship management

1.0.9 February 2012

Relazione introduttiva sull’economia dei comuni di Cervignano, Cividale del Friuli, Codroipo, Gemona, Latisana, Tavagnacco, Udine, Provincia di Udine – Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[Introductory report on the economy of Friuli region. -Moreno Ferrarese-]

It was always faced the problem of the sources of knowledge that often provide the data which are not comparable from the chronological point of view. This discrepancy is due to the established collection system that meets obstacles of various kinds, not least of which is represented by the various authorities which do not include the collection systems certified according to the standards ISTAT (for example, checklist, procedure TRAM-SEATS, etc.) or which follow their protocols with statistical processing of the data in different ways and over time.
It follows, therefore, that, in order to express the data describing a really significant picture, it is required, in order to instruct an investigation that has any scientific finding, the approval of the collection system and the certification of sources and data. There is a choice, then: to report the data to the Authority collection with the official production diachronic, enjoying, in many cases, of actuality, however, limited to the year 2001 – the last year legally certified, or to produce data in the form synchronic with the obvious advantages of comparative representation, but not being able to actualize the previous years immediately for the current situation. Our choice , given to the greater benefits than the costs to bear, is stopped on the first alternative. In addition, we felt that the exhibition form, clearer for understanding immediate of the data in the case of the expert reader, would be the synoptic r summarized in tables by topic area.

Keywords: tram-seats – territorial marketing – regional development

1.0.8 February 2012

Modelli di sviluppo economico dei territori a Obiettivo 2: Progetto “Sportello Comune Sviluppo”

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[Models of economic development of the territories. Project City ATM counter deveolopment. -Moreno Ferrarese-]

Today the relational resources are fundamental for the development of the territory. They become competitive (i.e. they act on the territory with certain resources ) and have, as a reference, the global market as a natural outlet. In this sense one can speak of the local territorial development. The key element is the relationships that are established between the various stakeholders and it is important to both the local roots, is a close relationship between them. The internationalization and the development of innovative capacity of the area are related to the role of the industrial sector. In other words, the industry is the main economic sector through which you can promote the development of the innovative capabilities in the area at the local level.
A further step considers the concepts of “local” as a network of individuals bound together by horizontal relations , and “territorial” , a network of close objects in a single location where you integrate the vertical relationships , to define a system as a result “self- contained” . Therefore, among the various actors the reticular relationships are established and one can speak of the territorial system. This concept is to be cleared through the resources of the milieu to define the local development.

Keyword: – Territorial marketing – Milieu economic – territorial development

1.0.7 February 2012

Linea Ferroviaria Verona-Legnago. Modello di scelta discreta per lo studio della domanda.

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Discrete choice model for the study of demand performed on the example of Verona-Legnago railway line. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

This article in its methodological part uses some partial content with the ideas developed earlier by the author in the analysis research based on the sample of the railway line Rovigo-Chioggia. The work was aimed to investigate a new methodology for the analysis of the territories intercepted by the railway, the methodology that was portable and understandable. The final analysis, however, is different from the results of the researches carried out and cited in the articles previously.

Being committed by the state railway TrenItalia SpA the research results and reports were under embargo for the publication for eight years, following the trade secret placed by the client.

Keywords: flows – Commuting-Discrete choice model-growth model

1.0.6 February 2012

Linea Ferroviaria Verona-Rovigo. Analisi della domanda.

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Demand analysis performed on the example of Verona-Rovigo railway line. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

This article in its methodological part uses some content of the previous research report performed on the example of the railway line Rovigo-Chioggia.
The request committed by the client was to study a new method for the analysis of the territories intercepted by the railway, the methodology that would be portable and understandable. The final results with reports, however, were separated in two separate articles.

Keyword: flows – commuting – model Atz

1.0.5 January 2012

Linea Ferroviaria Rovigo-Chioggia. Analisi della domanda.

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Demand analysis performed on the example of Rovigo-Chioggia railway line. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

This article presents a new methodological approach to the area of Applied Economics, which has served to provide a new tools of economic planning in the transport sphere and to break down the mistrust of the buyer to scientific research in the field of the transport applied economic. The methodology is still innovative and has its real actuality as the difficulty to represent the new economic opportunities that arise from the territories, often collides with the limits of the investigations that are conducted, due to faulty communication between the researchers and paying customers. Often, the only academic language is not able to provide that simple answers, that the territories require for the solution of the complex problems, requiring, in fact, a formalized, sophisticated and articulate. language. The trust, which was established between the client and the researcher, is given, above all, to the credibility of the latter, thanks to its reputation rather than to the actual understanding of formal methods and techniques used by the scientific researcher. The article’s methodology of the academic research, which arises from a review of a work commissioned by Trenitalia spa, remained under embargoed for the publication for 10 years, due to the embargo protection of trade secrets.

Keyword: flows – commuting – model Atz

 1.0.4 January 2012

Strategia e tattica della comunicazione persuasiva nelle relazioni industriali

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Strategy and tactics of persuasive communication in industrial relations. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The methodological monograph analyzes the foundations, methods, contents and inoculation of the persuasion in industrial relations. The numerous explanatory cards discover the communication ability through the style and originality as well as the technique of the objection management and the objection tools. It is proposed the method of Neuro-Linguistics programming which is a complex of techniques of communication and listening centered on the analysis of verbal and of non-verbal language of the interlocutor. Such programming has the purpose of quickly achieve empathy (“feel in the other”, in contrast to the sympathy which means “being with others”).

Keywords: Neuro-Linguistics programming – objection management – communication ability

1.0.3 January 2012

Strategia e tattica della comunicazione persuasiva nelle relazione pubbliche

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Strategy and tactics of persuasive communication in public relations. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The monograph considers, in its strategic part, the emotions as the substrate basis for the definition of needs, the same needs, their encoding circumstantial and finally the non-therapeutic interpersonal communication relating to Public Relations (PR), in its verbal and non-verbal aspects, which are the situational tool of needs and emotions. In its tactic part this work analyzes, with the methodological approach, the effective techniques (with examples) of Persuasion syllogistic of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Eristic Dialectic according to Schopenhauer. The numerous illustrative cards find out the techniques for the construction of a persuasive communication. It is explained the efficiency and effectiveness of a process, such as that communicative Interpersonal PR, which lends itself to multiple analyzes and interpretations and that has its origins in different theories and disciplines. It is shown that NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) is a complex of techniques  of communication and listening centered on the analysis of the verbal and the nonverbal interlocutor and interlocutor, having the purpose to achieve achieve empathy (“feel in the other, “in contrast to the simpathy which means “being with others”). It is discovered the sympathetic design of the interpersonal communication of P.R.

Keywords: Neuro Linguistics Programming – empathy – simpathy – persuasive communication

 1.0.2 January 2012

Stress lavorativo e patologie collegate

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Workplace stress and related diseases. -Moreno Ferrarese- ]

The monograph consideres the scenarios, the symptoms, the anatomy and osteology of workplace stress. With the numerous flow charts it illustrates the psychographics of the phenomenon explaining the emotions and needs. This work analyses the handling of workplace stress presenting the techniques of negotiation and mediation and objection management technique. The problem of mobing and neuro linguistic programming are also studied.

Keywords: psychographics – workplace stress handling – mobing – neuro linguistic programming.

1.0.1 January 2012

Tecniche e metodi per il miglioramento della qualità della vita lavorativa

– Moreno Ferrarese –
[ Techniques and methods for the welfare of working. -Moreno Ferrarese-]

More than one in four workers in the European Union suffer from work-related stress and work-related diseases. This important issue affects everyone, employers, workers and society, as the health problems can arise, can increase absenteeism, and you are likely to reduce the productivity and competitiveness of companies. The monograph illustrates the four quadrants where Hanson handle stress. It deppens the study of the structure, systems and stratagems  of survival presening the different techniques.

Keywords: comunicazione persuasiva – quatro quadranti – survival

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